ShowTime 2019


ShowTime is one of Ideal Music’s regular concert to showcase students’ performances since 2005. Every coach will hold a concert at least once a year for their students.

ShowTime 2019


Showtime 1 – Pre-Exam Concert

The year of 2019 with Ideal Music began with the first showtime of the year – showtime 1 – pre-exam concert on 22nd March. Breathtaking performances were showcased by students of Coach Pui Ying, Coach Wilson & Coach Zi Xin. We would like to express our sincere thanks to our coaches, students and parents for your continuous support as we marched into 2019. Great job & congratulations to the best performance award winner – Poh Jun Yi!!

Showtime 2

As we move along to our 2nd showtime held on the 12th of July, jaw-dropping performances was once again showcased by the students of Coach Nicole, Coach Wei Yin & Coach Kelly. Thank you to all that made this showtime a success – our beloved coaches, students and parents; we couldn’t have made this far without your support & trust.

Showtime 3

Ideal Music’s showtime 3 was proudly presented by students of Coach Zhi Yan, Coach Chen Shen, Coach Cindy, Coach Ying Duan & Coach Teck Kong. Piano, guitar, vocal, and ukulele were performed by our impressive students. We would like to specially thank each and every one of you who have devoted a big part of your life to music & we hope it has been a great journey for all of you so far! Congratulations & a big round of applause to the best performance award winner for this showtime – Lee Jie Yu!!

Showtime 4 – Daddy’s Mommy’s Favorite Tune

Music connects everyone! On this warm and lovely night, Ideal Music hosted a special showtime for students to perform for their parents’ favorite songs, with some of them even performed along with their parents! It was truly a night to remember thanks to our wonderful students as well as their parents who are supportive always, not to forget all coaches and event coordinators for creating such sweet memories not only with their children but also with us!

Showtime 5

On Showtime 5, piano performances with a variety of genres were performed by amazing students of Coach Nicole, Coach Wei Yin, and Coach Cindy. We are truly proud with how fast our students have progressed – a big thank you to students for your hard work and patience as well as parents and coaches for guiding them always. Congratulations to Aaron for winning the best performance award!

Showtime 6

The year of 2019 was warmly wrapped up with the last showtime of the year – Showtime 6. Performances ranging from piano, violin and vocal were showcased by our talented students, including that of Coach Stanley, Coach Carmen, Coach Hao Jin, and Coach In Nuen. On this special moment, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all students and parents for your unconditional support on your children’s musical journey, and most importantly coaches for being the lighthouse of our students!