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MUSIKGARTEN originates from U.S.A. It is a revolutionary early childhood music education company designed to enable teachers to understand how children from birth to age 9 learn music. Musikgarten provides teachers with the tools to help a child grow musically, as well as emotionally, socially and cognitively.

Musikgarten specializes in the following:

  1. Teaching early childhood music education to teachers through workshops.
  2. Supporting new and existing Musikgarten studios
  3. Producing world class curricula and classroom materials
  4. Selling Instruments

In 1994, Dr. Lorna Heyge and Dr. Audrey Sillick founded MUSIKGARTEN on two fundamental principles:

Children deserve the best teachers and learning materials. Musikgarten utilizes the best workshop trainers and student materials to enable our new teachers to meet the expectations of parents and their children.
Teachers, much like students, need the freedom to be themselves to reach their full potential. Musikgarten provides both the freedom and the guidance necessary through a flexible curriculum.
Musikgarten features the ideal combination of teacher training, curricula, instruments and business support. We know that Musikgarten will show you how to engage children in a dynamic learning process and help them form the basis for a life-long love of music.

Upon completing final level ini Musikgarten, children would have:

  • Developed good Aural skills
  • Developed sight reading & sight singing skills
  • Enable to do simple composition, transposition, Improvisation & dictation
  • Learn about Harmony, Chord Progression & Forms in Music, Composers & Music of different periods
  • Acquired the proper keyboard / piano skills
  • Well prepared & ready for individual music lesson
About the Teacher
Kelly Teh

Licensed Musikgarten Teacher

Kelly Teh  (郑美婷)

15 years ago, Kelly Teh’s passion in music led her to resign from corporate world and started teaching Musikgarten, a program from USA for early childhood education.  Kelly believes Musikgarten program is the right program for young children to begin their journey of music.  2012, Kelly Teh first encountered the ukulele while attending a music conference in Australia and the sweet sound attracted her.  2013. Kelly set up the Malaysian Association of Love for Ukulele Music. Within short period of  time, the Association had carried out many activities which include public performances, ukulele competition, charity concerts, educational tour to Japan, Taiwan and etc.   A late comer in Music Education, Kelly Teh completed her Diploma in Music majoring in classical piano at age 48.  2017, she completed her degree in Arts Management in a local university .  Kelly Teh wishes to bring all the music lovers together through music exchange programs and other activities to appreciate music and keep life going.

15年前,因对音樂熱愛,郑美婷毅然決定從企業界辭職,並開始教授來自与美國的音乐乐园幼兒教育课程。美婷深信美國的音乐乐园幼兒教育课程是幼儿学音乐旅程最棒的一个开始。2012年,在出席澳大利亞的會議第一次遇到了乌克里里琴。甜美的聲音深深吸引了她。2013年美婷成立了马来西亚乌克丽丽爱好者协会。除了教导音乐乐园(Musikgarten),   美婷目前正在積極推广乌克丽丽,并在短短大的期间開展了許多活動,其中包括公開表演,夏威夷四弦琴競赛,慈善音樂會和日本教育交流活动等等。雖然在音樂教育起步較慢,48岁才完成了古典鋼琴文憑. 。2017她在本地一所大學也完成了藝術管理碩士學位。美婷希望以她的经验和知识能推動幼儿音樂教育和帶領一些喜愛音樂的人士與音樂交流 以寬廣視野和生命.

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