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Musicianship Training Program – MTP



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Commence from 9-March 2019

Saturday 4:00-5:30pm

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*Intake by audition
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The Importance of Group Education

Music educators and piano teachers have enumerated the many advantages of group teaching including the valuable learning atmosphere that it fosters. It aids children in developing rhythmic security, stimulates critical listening as they hear others perform. This allows them to broaden their musical experiences. Besides, group deduction provides a friendly-competitive atmosphere and facilities the performance of ensembles. Finally, it allows children to learn from peers as well as from teacher.

Musicianship Training Program -MTP designed for age 7-18


1. Rhythm
Rhythm Pattern
Rhythm Dictation

2. Pitching
Curwen Hand Sign
Sight Singing

3. Choir

4. Listening
Melodic and Harmonic Interval
Scales & Modes Recognition
Chords Recognition
Melodic Dictation

5. Basic Instrument Learning
Ukulele, Kalimba, Piano, Percussion, Keyboard & etc.

6. Music Games


  • Age 8 – 17
  • Basic music theory knowledge
  • Intake by audition and assessment

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