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Classical Guitar


Classical Guitar Lesson

Classical guitar lessons from beginner to advanced, that build your technique with a comprehensive curriculum. The course begins by providing an important perspective on the history of classical guitar, including its artists and the regions in which the music developed. You will also learn about and gain an appreciation of the role that classical guitar plays in the different form of music genres.

  • Lessons associate with the examination board of ABRSM or Trinity College of London.
  • Systematic teaching approach according to grading system.
  • One-to-one basis to ensure full attention given to the student.
  • Develop individual playing skills.
  • Lessons cover all genres of musical forms from Early Music to Contemporary.
  • Sight-reading.
  • Aural training.
  • Performing art.



  • 提供ABRSM 及 Trinity College of London 专业考试
  • 有效和系统式的教学法
  • 课程以一对一形式进行,确保学生获得百分百的关注
  • 提升学生的演奏技巧
  • 课程涵盖了初期音乐至现代音乐
  • 视奏
  • 听觉训练
  • 演奏

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