Category: Read what current students, parent and alumni have to say about their learning experience in Ideal Music.

”选择音乐学院 Ideal Music 会是你的最佳选择。“ -Jean Lim (Parent)

Tiow Lyn Xuan & Oscar Tiow Written by Jean Lim (Parent) Idea Music是一所值得信赖的音乐学院。 音乐路程并不是那么容易走,是需要一个漫长的时间才可以完成的一个使命。孩子在这一个路程中有迷惑,有失落,有懒散有开心,有成就. 在这一路走来要很感谢院长Nicole Yap耐心与爱心不断地鼓励孩子,而且根据每个孩子的性格研究不同的教导方法导致孩子终于开心的完成了ABRSM G8 与Musicianship Training Program 的课程.  除了院长Nicole Yap, theory 老师Teacher Wei Yin 也是孩子们超级爱的一位老师。她很有爱心的一步一步把孩子不明白解释得很清楚,也是一个很有责任的老师。 呼吁大家如果选择音乐学院Ideal Music会是你们的最佳选择。

“My girl gains back her confidence and interest to learn piano.” – Irene Woon (Parent)

Chew Khai Xuan Written by Irene Woon (Parent) Khai Xuan started to learn piano in 6 years old. After two/three years learning, we noticed she started losing her interest in piano. In 2019, through the advice and recommendation from Teacher Kelly Teh, an assessment was carried out for my girl by Teacher Nicole in Ideal…
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“Ideal Music is the best music centre that I have been.” – Wong Kai Qing (Student)

Wong Kai Qing Ideal music is the best music centre that I have been.The teachers are kind and friendly. After each class, teacher Wei Yin is going to give me some points. I can redeem toys and stationery using the points.I LOVE IDEALMUSIC!!

“Learning experience in Ideal Music is really fun and enjoyable!” – Madelyn Yap Ern Tong (Student)

Madelyn Yap Ern Tong  There is no doubt that, teacher plays an important role in music learning journey. I’ve learnt piano for 8 years under guidance of Teacher Nicole Yap and approximately 3 years of piano music theory under Teacher Yee Yen. Not only the teachers here are patient in teaching step by step, but…
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“All the students in Ideal Music are given the opportunities to perform on the stage” – Tay Poy Cheng (Parent)

Lee Jie Yang & Lee Jie Yu When my daughter, Jie Yu was 6 and my son, Jie Yang was 9, I started looking for piano teachers for them. I wished my kids could join piano lessons in a music centre as they will have the opportunities to perform on stage besides lessons learning. Through…
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“I am so pleased we found Ideal Music” 🎧 Eunice Ng Xin Yi

Eunice Ng Xin Yi 23-December 2021 I believe teacher plays an important role in music learning journey. I was looking for an ideal teacher for Eunice, I knew we met the right one when we met Ms Nicole. Eunice has been learning Piano under Ms Nicole for almost a year, She has progressed so much…
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“I have seen much improvement especially in my pitching and listening” 🎧 Tai Giselle

Tai Giselle 29-August, 2020 Hello! I’m Giselle, a student of Ideal Music. I HAVE BEEN LEARNING MTP for about a year and few months now. MTP mainly focuses on rhythm, pitching, listening and more. In the class, Teacher Nicole always comes up with fun activities like dancing and game. In my opinion, MTP has helped…
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“MTP is very interesting for me” 🎧 Low Yuan Ting (Student)

Low Yuan Ting 30-March, 2021 MTP is very interesting for me. It has a lot of activities like rhythm, singing and dance. MTP is a group activity and I make a lot of new friends. MTP also improved my listening and sometimes, the teacher will form us into a choir and sing together too.

“MTP is very fun and cool class” 🎧 Hau Shen Ny

HAU SHEN NY 29-August, 2020 MTP has helped me a lot throughout the years as I started attending them when I was 8. My hearing, pitching and rhythm had improved a lot through the exercises we did in class. The learning experience is also really fun as I got to make new friends and learn…
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“Music brings life to me” 🎧 Chin Yu Tong

Chin Yu Tong 23-October, 2019 Teacher Wei Yin is the kindest and most fun teacher I have ever had. I’m glad to be her student. She teaches me step by step, and also slow & steady. She is teaching me well; I can understand and I learnt a lot of knowledge from her. I really appreciate teacher…
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