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2019 Taiwan International Classical & Traditional Music Awards

Registration Form

Non participant means observant or follower of this event and does not participate in any category of the competition.
Kindly book your flight before proceed to registration.
Date of departure from KL to Taiwan
Time of arrival at Taiwan
Time of departure from Taiwan to KL
Select one of the categories.
For participant, kindly fill in the choice of repertoires and state clearly the movement of music played.
Participant must provide the composer/arranger's name.
Participant must provide the duration of the piece. Please do not exceed the maximum duration for each category.

Registration Period:

  •  Registration Closing Date:31-May, 2019

Registration Fees:

  • Participant: RM2,300 (Fees included competition)
  • Non-Participant: RM1,850

Fees not include: 

  • Air Tickets
  • Personal Expenses in Taiwan
  • Visa Fees
  • Transportations as listed in the itinerary

Official Registration Centre in Malaysia:

Ideal Music

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Medan Idaman Gombak,

53100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


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Payment Method



Beneficiary Name: IDEAL MUSIC

Account No: 3097477816

*Kindly forward the receipt of payment to admin@idealmusic.my OR WhatsApp to: 012-2800475


本活動由臺灣組委會授權馬來西亞 Ideal Music 為指定在馬來西亞唯一辦理單位。參賽者一經報 名,即視同為認同本次參賽比賽事項與活動內容,本賽事絕對以公平公正公開來給予表演藝術人一個 公開展演平臺以及各獎項演出機會合約,其最後成績將由評審團論定,參賽者必須尊重,以上參賽事 項未盡事宜,將以官方網頁資訊補充為主。