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I feel happy to be taught in this music centre. – Shivonne Lim Qian Wen

Name: Shivonne Lim Qian Wen Age: 14 Name of Parent: Luw Chiew Yite Subject: Ukulele Grade: 2 Date: 20-Feb, 2019   I think that the ukulele classes I take are very fun and my teacher (Miss Cindy Lim Sin Yee) is friendly and very patient with me when teaching. I’ve learned a lot great and…
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All the experiences I had with Ideal Music are memorable and irreplaceable. – Giselle Tai

Name: Giselle Tai Age: 12 Name of Parent: Tey Li Shah (Mother) Grade: Piano Grade 6 and Theory Grade 4 Subject: Piano, Ukulele and Music Theory Date: 20-Feb, 2019 My mother found Ideal Music through googling the top music schools of Kuala Lumpur! That’s how I found ‘YOU, Ideal Music’! The ambience of the school…
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短短几年里也参加过不少的比赛让我们有更多的上台经验。-Lim Yung Juin

Name: Lim Yung Juin Age: 15 Name of Parent: Siah Swee Leng Subject: Piano Grade: 4 Date: 20-Feb, 2019 我在这里学钢琴已经有五年了。我是从10岁开始在这里学钢琴的,在这里“Ideal Music” 不仅仅是琴还可以交到很多朋友。在这五年里我从我的导师Miss Nicole身上学到了很多钢琴的技巧。 除此以外,在这短短几年里也参加过不少的比赛让我们有更多的上台经验。我感到很开心也很荣幸可以在这里学习。

Her advices had given me the best motivation to continue in my music journey. – Shak Yuan Zheng

Name: Shak Yuan Zheng Age: 15 Name of Parent: Lim Bee Chin Subject: Piano Grade: 5 Date: 20-Feb, 2019   I started music lessons when I was 4. Muskgarten course was my first music lesson which conducted by teacher Kelly. When I entering primary school, she suggested me to join Ideal Music to continue my…
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A very patient teacher – Sia Qi Zheng

Name: Sia Qi Zheng Age: 16 Name of Parent: Lim Yoke Lian Subject: Music Theory Grade: 6 Date: 2-Feb, 2019 Miss Tay Hao Jin is a very patient teacher. She teaches me step by step. She teaches me all the things clearly that I won’t have much problem on it. Compare to teachers at school,…
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Classrooms are comfortable – Leng Myan Wei

Name: Leng Myan Wei Age: 18 Name of Parent: Poon Chee Leng Subject: Piano Grade: 6 Date: 2-Feb, 2019 The classroom are comfortable and all the instruments are in good condition. The teachers here are very attentive and professional. My teacher (Teacher Lee Zhi Yan) always gives me good feedback and makes sure I practice…
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I’ve finally found the IDEAL one. – Ashley Lee Wai Yan

Name of Student: Ashley Lee Wai Yan Age:  18 Name of Parent:  Lim Siok Hoon (Mother) Subject:  Piano Grade:  8 Testimonial: After changing from many music schools to another, I’ve finally found the IDEAL one. It is a privilege to be taught by a dedicated and inspiring teacher (Teacher Nicole). Unlike many other teachers, she doesn’t…
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Ideal Music helped shape the person I am today.

Name: Wee Si Ying Age: 19 Subject: Piano Grade: 8 I have been learning classes at Ideal Music since I was 6, and I can confidently say that my time here has been extremely fruitful. Special thanks to teacher Nicole, who has watched me grow from in almost pitch deaf student to the grade 8…
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那些上台的种种回忆,我真的毕生难忘 ~Oo Kar Mun

  Name of Student: Oo Kar Mun Age: 15 Name of Mother: Maxine Pung Choy Hong Subject: Piano Grade: Testimonial 当我在大概两周岁的时候就开始接触音乐了。在我11岁的时候,来到了Ideal Music学院, 上了一个叫 Musicianship Training Program 的课程, 那时是我第一次接触到 Ideal Music 的老师和学生。我的老师,Miss Nicole,是一个幽默有趣的老师。她总能让我们在上课时感到很开心。之后,我初中一,13岁的时候, 在 Ideal Music 开始学 钢琴, Miss Nicole 是我第二位的钢琴导师。在她的指导下,学习过程总是多姿多彩。我很感谢她在我情绪低落时鼓励我,开解我,细心的教导我。我的钢琴弹奏技巧以及在 Theory 上的进步,都应该归功与我的老师, Miss Nicole。 在 Ideal Music, 我们学生,总会得到许多机会去表演,参加比赛,分享音乐的美妙之处。我很高兴也很感激 Ideal Music 能够让我有这样的机会去体验上台的机会。那些上台的种种回忆,我真的毕生难忘,我很期待在这之后 Ideal Music 学院将会带给我音乐旅途的惊喜。

All the experiences are priceless and memorable. ~Rosefaye Ku

Name of Student:   Rosefaye Ku Age:  15 Subject:  Piano Grade:  7 Testimonial: In the journey of exploring music, I have spent all my piano lessons in Ideal Music for 11 years since I was 4. I am very appreiative of the guidance that I have been receiving from the teachers, their patience and understanding cannot…
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