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Music bring life to me, I love Ideal Music so much.

Name: Chin Yu Tong Age: 10 Subject: Piano & Theory Grade: Piano (G1), Theory (G2) Date: 23-OCT, 2019 Testimonial: Teacher We Yin is the kindest and most fun teacher I have ever had. I’m glad to be her student. She teaches me step by step, and also slow & steady. She is teaching me well,…
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We are given lots of chances of on-stage performance which helps students to overcome stage-fright and improve their playing and confidence.

Name: Tiow Lyn Xuan Age: 15 Subject: Piano & Theory Grade: 6 Date: 5-OCT, 2019 Testimonial: I started my music journey when I was just 12 months old. I’ve learnt piano for 6 years under guidance of Teacher Nicole and roughly around 3 years of music theory under Teacher Wei Yin. All the teachers here…
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From front desk staff to lesson instructor, everyone is nice and welcoming.

Name: Aoron Sim Age: 10 Subject: Piano Grade: 3 Date: 5-OCT, 2019 Testimonial: From front desk staff to lesson instructor, everyone is nice and welcoming. I appreciated the pleasant atmosphere the staff and owner create. It’s also great that Ideal Music offers many different class options. Location is very convenient for us and nice facilities.…
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Although I have only found an ideal piano teacher towards the end of my piano journey, but I am extremely grateful to have met a teacher like you. – Ashley

Name: Ashley Lee Age: 19 Subject: Piano Grade: 8 Date: 1-AUG, 2019 Testimonial: I just want to say thank you for being a part of my journey in piano. Thank you for the past two years of pushing me past what I thought were my limits. The lessons that I have learnt from your classes…
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After we enrolled into Ideal Music, within 3 months, he learned to play more than 10 songs by reading notes with confidence. – Chin Yee Ann

Name: Chin Yee Ann Age: 8 Name of Parent: Catherine Wong Subject: Piano Grade: 1 Date: 22-JULY, 2019 Testimonial: We were great to have found the right piano teacher finally as my son has learned piano in other music center for 6 months but he has learned nothing, he could not read any notes and…
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She has surprised us when she passed her very first practical exam with flying colors even though she was with Teacher Nicole for about 2 months. – Wan Sze Ying

Name: Wan Sze Ying Age: 8 Name of Parent: Annie Kek Subject: Piano Grade: 1 Date: 22-JULY, 2019 Testimonial: 6 months ago, my husband and I were at a crossraod in our daughter’s piano learning. We were lucky that we had made the right decision, to have our daughter under the guidance of Ms. Nicole…
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She is a very patient teacher and teaches me step by step. – Chan Qian Tong

Name: Chan Qian Tong Age: 16 Name of Parent: Lim Yoke Lian Subject: Theory Grade: 6 Date: 30-MAR, 2019 Testimonial: Miss Tay Hao Jin is a very patient teacher. She teaches me step by step. She teaches me all the things clearly so that I won’t have much problems with it. Compare to teacher at…
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I’m glad to be her student. – Lee Yong Yee

Name: Lee Yong Yee Age: 18 Name of Parent: Yap Siew Moi & Lee Bon Seng Subject: Piano and Ukulele Grade: 1 Date: 30-MAR, 2019 Testimonial: Teacher is friendly. I learned a lot of knowledge from teacher Cindy. I’m glad to be her student. Teacher Cindy explained very detailed. A lot of knowledge I can…
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She is the best piano teacher I ever had. – Low Zi Xin

Name: Low Zi Xin Age: 19 Name of Parent: Chua Beng Hui Subject: Piano Grade: Diploma Date: 30-MAR, 2019 Testimonial: I began my music journey at the age of 6 and I’ve learn piano in Ideal Music for 14 years. Teacher Nicole Yap plays an important role in my music journey. She is the best…
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我很荣幸有一位这样的老师。- Pua Jia Jia

Name: Pua Jia Jia Age: 11 Name of Parent: Ng Bee Li Subject: Piano and Theory Grade: 2 Date: 30-MAR, 2019 Testimonial: Ms Wei Yin 是我的钢琴老师。每个星期六她都会叫我piano和theory。 每次上课时,她都很耐心地教导我。当我遇到问题时,她会协助我,向我解释,让我明白。 我很荣幸有一位这样的老师。