37A, Jalan Jernai 2, Medan Idaman Gombak, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



IDEAL MUSIC is a specialist school of music since 2003. It is a place where the vital values of Music Education are found. Here, we have a mission to produce quality students with creativity while having fun. In Ideal Music, we offer:

  • Various music programs for all age groups, these include Musikgarten, Musicianship Training Program (MTP), individual music courses for instruments and vocal, music theory etc. 
  • Sale of instruments, music books and accessories.
  • Repair of instruments, piano tuning.
  • Recital hall and practice studio for hire.
  • Solo or ensemble performance for events.
  • Piano accompaniment for exam and performance.
  • Exam and competition recording service.

Ideal Music ensures that their students receive the best by providing a great learning environment and facilities. As music is all about sharing, concerts are held regularly at Ideal Music, in the fully-equipped ‘Guitno Recital Studio’. This also allows us to achieve our goal of providing students an experience on stage performance besides only learning the instruments and gaining musical knowledge. Through this, we believe that sharing music builds trust, empathy and cooperation.

Apart from this, concert trips are often organised by Ideal Music, as well as competitions and activities outside our school. Under the guidance of our Music Director ( Ms. Nicole SL Yap ) and our dedicated music instructors, students of Ideal Music have been successfully awarded with outstanding prizes and also received impressive comments from judges in both national and international music competitions. With the commitment of our music instructors and the fascinating performance of our students, this has lead Ideal Music to be nominated as Malaysia’s Top 10 Music School and Top 10 Music Classes for Kids in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor by the TallyPress.

Our qualified and passionate instructors ensure that all courses are taught systematically in accordance with Examination Syllabus in an interactive way. Over the years, students of Ideal Music have constantly achieved phenomenal results in ABRSM and Trinity College of London Examinations. 

Recently, Ideal Music had collaborated with Grand Millennium Hotel to launch a new project known as ‘Uncover Talent’. This is a monthly performance series, featuring and promoting our young musicians playing various types of instruments, ranging from piano to vocal. Besides, Ideal Music has been a regular venue sponsor of ‘Soaring’ project – a project to support passionate, potential musicians across the world. By preparing enough platforms for these young, aspiring musicians to showcase their talents, we are not only stimulating their music career and performance opportunity, but also making a great contribution to the future of our music industry.

Music is for everyone! Send your children now to Ideal Music and feel the magic of music with us! 

Ideal Music 创办于2003年。我们在提供音乐教育的同时,也非常注重素质、创意及音乐所带来的欢乐。我们提供的课程及服务如下:

  • 各年龄层的音乐课程
  • 提供乐器及音乐教材
  • 乐器维修、钢琴调音
  • 琴房练习室、演奏厅出租
  • 宴会娱乐表演及乐队演奏服务
  • 钢琴伴奏

在 Ideal Music,学生享受良好的学习环境及设备。本乐学院常举办学生演奏会,并确保学生透过表演能塑造内心的自信。除此之外,我们也会安排生去参加各种与音乐有关的比赛,大师班或课程以外的活动。

本学院的老师们都是专业及合格的指导老师,所有的课程都用心指导。那么多年来,Ideal Music在ABRSM及Trinity College of London的专业考试中都获得了卓越的成绩。

让您的孩子到 Ideal Music 来感受音乐的魔力吧!