37A, Jalan Jernai 2, Medan Idaman Gombak, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Since 2003

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About Ideal Music

IDEAL MUSIC is a specialist school of Music since 2003. It is a place where quality, creativity & fun count while developing music education.

创办于2003年,Ideal Music 是一所专业的音乐学院。我们强调教学品质,创意和提供欢乐的学习环境。

We have strong team of music tutors who are qualified, dedicated, enthusiastic, creative and friendly. Courses are taught systematically in accordance with Examination Syllabus.

  我们拥有合格,专业, 充满创意,责任感,友善及热忱在音乐教学的老师。课程内容是根据考试大纲配合有效的音乐教学系统来定制的。
ShowTime Concert

ShowTime concert held regulary in Ideal Music to showcase students’ talent on stage. It’s an important process in the journey of musical learning.

  ShowTime 音乐会是Ideal Music长年的活动之一。此音乐会提供了一个平台让学生有机会上台表演及分享他们的学习过程。


Miss Nicole Yap is the best piano teacher I ever had. I have been following and playing the piano under her guidance for 12 years. She was and is still my teacher, a respected person, a sister and a friend. Her advices and teaching motivated me a lot throughout these years. I am looking forward to more and more wonderful years with her. She is no doubt an inspiring person, an idol to me. Her courage in doing and pursuing what she loves inspire me to walk bravely in this path of my musical journey. Thank you, for all these wonderful journey. ♥

Lee Zhi Yan

Age 18, Piano Diploma

After changing from many music schools to another, I’ve finally found the IDEAL one. It is a privilege to be taught by a dedicated and inspiring teacher (Teacher Nicole). Unlike many other teachers, she doesn’t only raises the standard of your playing, but also instills your love for music. I am amazed by how far she goes into fixing every little details in your piece, which allows me to learn so much more in just in just the few short months. Extremely grateful to have met a teacher who hopes for the best for her students!

Ashley Lee Wai Yan

Age 18, Piano Student

In the journey of exploring music, I have spent all my piano lessons in Ideal Music for 11 years since I was 4. I am very appreciative of the guidance that I have been receiving from the teachers, their patience and understanding cannot be compared with anyone else. Teacher Nicole, who is the one guiding me, solving my problems, has been playing on important role in my music journey. Her advices always encourage me while in the process of practicing, changing and improving. All of my improvements should be attributed to teacher Nicole. Besides, she also encourages us to go and enjoy orchestra or ensemble concert, participate in competitions and always be active and ready to perform. I am always very happy to be able to receive all these experiences . All the experiences are priceless and memorable as they are part of learning in my life. More and more challenges to overcome and they are unexpectedly precious.

Rosefaye Ku

Age 15 Piano Grade 7